Monday, April 26, 2010

Day nineteen ...

Today I have lots of exiting news to tell you.
The first thing is that my capsicum plant has got flowers and little capsicums on it!

Next is the tomatoes, they have grown so much since the last time you saw them!

One of the other things are that the peas are shooting up really fast too.

Not to forget about the beans they are probably one of the biggest things that we have planted by seed.

q. How do you pick lettuce?

By the way here is Annette Mcfarlane's website where you can find out good information about veggies.


  1. Have the strawberries grown much?


  2. Which fruit or vegetable will you be able to pick first?

  3. Which plant is the hardest to grow and why?

  4. How many beans will grow from each plant???

  5. The strawberry plant has grown, it has sent out runners already but there are no flowers which mean no strawberries.

    The capsicum plant is the plant we will pick first.

    The tomatoes are easy to grow but it is difficult to keep the worms out of them without using chemicals.

    I don’t know the answer to your question but I do know that it depends on good soil, lots of water and fertilizer.