Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Have now viewed the plans for the proposed development and will include lots of excavation. The old and beautiful tree is at risk. While the development is in action it is highly likely that the limb of the tree will be knocked off, the tree will then get sick, and because of that the builders will cut the tree that makes Philip St, Philip St down.This would be a tragedy and the residents of Philip St defiantly do not want this old tree to be cut down. Just around the corner is a girls high school and many girls wait in the refreshing shade of the tree for their family to pick them up from school, with this tree gone I do not know what the girls will do because there is nothing better than to sit in the shade of the tree while waiting for their family's.
I'm in the process of putting an online petition together so visit my blog again sometime soon.
SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

TERRIBLE NEWS!!! woke up to see a sign for a new development across the road!
Four units are proposed to replace beautiful old house. Which is sad in itself, but what I am worried about is the gorgeous old tree out the front. I need to save this tree!!!
I will blog when I know more so come back soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day seventy...

Today I have loads of exiting things to tell you! First is that the marigold flowers are flowering and are looking fantastic!

Next is that we have got big beans and some flowers ready to grow into beautiful, yummy and juicy beans.

And now my capsicum plant has a capsicum that is Orange and when it gets red I can harvest it and have it for dinner!

Finally there are our carrots. They are growing well and we have picked some to eat. They are small because of the type of carrot they are.

Not to forget about the lettuce it is growing well and it is really tall, juicy and will surly be Delicious!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

day forty two ...

Exiting news!!! In the competition for 612 grow your own we are in the top twelve people out of 100 people!!! Now for about our veggie garden the capsicums are growing well and the peas are nearly up to the top of the trellis in the veggie garden. All our plants are growing well and not to forget the CARROT plant two of them have a carrot it is so exiting!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day Thirty Two

Two exciting things are happening in our garden this weekend ...

One, the bean plant has a bud on it ...
... and the other exciting thing is the chili bud has opened and it is a beautiful white flower.

Today we also found lots of naughty caterpillars. We pulled them off and fed them to the chooks but Mum wants to know a way to keep creepy crawlies off our veggies without spraying them with chemicals? Does anyone know a way?

The guinea pigs love bits and pieces from the garden that we are not going to eat.

Day twenty four ...

Today, day twenty four, we have got four exiting things to tell you! Number one is that dads chili plant has got buds ready to be flowers! Number two is that we found a yellow lady bug on my strawberry plant.

Is that good to have a lady bug or not?
Next is that my capsicums on my capsicum plant are looking good and growing fast.Finally the peas are shooting up madly and are looking good too!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day nineteen ...

Today I have lots of exiting news to tell you.
The first thing is that my capsicum plant has got flowers and little capsicums on it!

Next is the tomatoes, they have grown so much since the last time you saw them!

One of the other things are that the peas are shooting up really fast too.

Not to forget about the beans they are probably one of the biggest things that we have planted by seed.

q. How do you pick lettuce?

By the way here is Annette Mcfarlane's website http://www.annettemcfarlane.com/vegetable.htm where you can find out good information about veggies.