Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Have now viewed the plans for the proposed development and will include lots of excavation. The old and beautiful tree is at risk. While the development is in action it is highly likely that the limb of the tree will be knocked off, the tree will then get sick, and because of that the builders will cut the tree that makes Philip St, Philip St down.This would be a tragedy and the residents of Philip St defiantly do not want this old tree to be cut down. Just around the corner is a girls high school and many girls wait in the refreshing shade of the tree for their family to pick them up from school, with this tree gone I do not know what the girls will do because there is nothing better than to sit in the shade of the tree while waiting for their family's.
I'm in the process of putting an online petition together so visit my blog again sometime soon.
SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!

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